Mandalyn Unger

  • Every body in the pool

    Swimming is a popular, benefit-rich activity, but there are social and structural barriers which can make swimming in the city an impossibility for many.

  • Favourite Local Gallery or Artist Centre

    1. aceartinc.
    2. Blinkers
    3. Plug In ICA

  • New visions for accountability

    Louis CK received a standing ovation after his first comedy set since admitting he forcibly exposed himself and masturbated in front of numerous unconsenting women.

  • Favourite local activist

    1. TIE: Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie / Michael Champagne
    2. Uzoma Chioma
    Honourable Mentions: Riley McMurray / Mitchell van Ineveld / Annie Beach

  • Historic queer dance puts accessibility first

    Homo Hop is an annual dance party hosted by the University of Winnipeg’s LGBT Centre.

  • Samhain ushers in a new year for witches

    Halloween is the product of a centuries-long game of telephone that started with Samhain, the pagan Sabbat of death and rebirth, though the meaning of the celebration has changed with time.

  • Let’s unlearn slut-shaming

    There is a “War on Women” being waged in the U.S., defined by violent opposition to women’s contraceptive rights.