Laura Kunzelman

  • Winnipeggers commit to living on a welfare budget

    Four dollars - this is the amount of money people living on social assistance are estimated to have to spend on food every day.

  • Will Earth Hour 2010 make a difference?

    Earth Hour 2010 is a global effort led by the World Wildlife Fund to get people to turn off non-essential lights and appliances for one hour to draw attention to climate change. This year, millions of individuals and businesses worldwide will honour Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Flash Mob at the Forks; Gender fair extravaganza; Math prodigies in Winnipeg?; Afghan humanitarian speaks at university; Filmmakers wanted

  • Campus News Briefs

    U of W staffer wins award for community service; U of W grad studies joins national networks; Undergrads get paid; Open house Wednesday, Feb. 17; Class Ace V helps students

  • Big bookstore on the block

    Downtown Winnipeg is getting another facelift: soon it will be home to one of the largest bookstores in the area, a brand-spanking new art gallery and more classrooms.
    The bookstore –serving students, area residents and office workers – along with classrooms and other services will be in a newly-refurbished space in the Greyhound bus depot.

  • University voter turnout up across country

    The University of Winnipeg’s 2009 student election boasted a fuller slate of candidates than usual, which may have contributed to a higher voter turnout.

  • Sick with misunderstanding

    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) affects many children in Manitoba, but experts say red tape and an overwhelmed public healthcare system may be keeping some kids from the supports they need.