Josh Boulding

  • No means business

    Playing Winnipeg only once in the last eight years, legendary west coast punk rockers NoMeansNo have left fans here anxiously awaiting their return.

  • Wesmen bring fresh blood to the table

    The University of Winnipeg Wesmen volleyball and basketball teams are looking forward to next season with a burst of fresh talent to all four teams. A total of 21 new fresh faces will be seen on the court and in the practice rooms during the 2009-10 season.

  • Falling down doesn’t have to equal failure

    F is a letter that is not often found in classrooms today, and soon it won’t be found at all if our educational systems continue to degrade their standards.

  • Baseball before all the bull

    Baseball has always been an interesting sport, and even though the recent taint of steroids has pushed it to the back of many minds (including my own), there will always be those who play the game for what it is: a great game to play.

  • Kites: Not just for getting stuck in trees

    On a day when most people are watching the cold wind blowing against frosted windowpanes, more than a few adventurous souls harness that frigid northwest breeze to power a unique sport.

  • Sports, sponsors and cold hard cash

    AC/DC sang that “money talks” and when it comes to professional sports, money talks big. In Canada and the United States, the NHL alone has 17 major corporate partners. That’s just for the league, not to mention the individual advertising contracts that the teams and players have signed.

  • NFL Picks

    Welcome back! Our final installments of the NFL Picks will highlight the culmination of the NFL season as the post-season winds down. This week, we look over the AFC and NFC conference championships. The regular season doesn’t matter anymore. Every game could be the last. Check your insight against ours, including last year’s NFL Picks champ: Scott!