Jonathan Dyck

  • CHAD VANGAALEN - Soft Airplane B-Sides

    It’s odd to attach a rating to a free, downloadable collection of b-sides.

  • ROYAL CITY - Royal City 1999-2004

    Any survey of the last decade of Canadian indie music would be incomplete without a couple nods to Royal City, the now defunct lo-fi alt-country band from Guelph.

  • ROCK PLAZA CENTRAL - …At the Moment of Our Most Needing

    It’s been said that Rock Plaza Central’s sophomore effort, ...At the Moment of Our Most Needing, or If They Could Turn Around, They Would Know They Weren’t Alone, falls short of their more consistent 2007 debut, Are We Not Horses; but it’s pretty hard to complain about an album that boasts bittersweet folk jams like (The World is) Good Enough and rollicking love songs like The Hot Blind Earth.

  • The hunt for Winnipeg’s best veggie burger

    Once a bland alternative to North America’s fast-food favourite, the veggie burger has become a well-loved meal in its own right.

  • Arts Briefs

    The return of MacGyver; Virgin loses appeal; The show must go on for Steve Martin; Make your own magazine

  • Arts Briefs

    An electronic Don Juan; Oodles of doodles; R.I.P., Las Vegas art museum; Colbert to conquer space?; Chris Brown pulls out of Kids’ Choice Awards

  • Arts Briefs

    Another new album on the horizon for u2; Spinal tap licks the life pump; Poe succumbed to peer pressure in front of publishers

  • Animal Collective - Merriweather Post-Pavillion

    Animal Collective’s eighth studio album, Merriweather Post-Pavillion, debuted in the Billboard Top 20 and was massively hyped even before leaks began to surface online a couple of months ago. While I personally enjoy AC’s experiments with atmosphere and expansiveness, there’s still plenty of oddness here to buffer the trio from unconditional praise and universal appeal.

  • Arts Briefs

    Springsteen hates on Ticketmaster; Nine-year-old creates program for iPhone; Etta James has beef with Beyoncé ... and Obama

  • Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light

    Since releasing their breakthrough second album, 2005’s I Am a Bird Now, Antony and the Johnsons have been swimming in a pool of critical adoration. Any misstep at this stage in Antony’s career would indeed be a surprise.

  • Sports Briefs

    Super Bowl has super morals?; Author John Updike dies at 76; Conservative budget sees increase in arts funding

  • Radio Scars 2008

    Taking a cue from an annual feature in Spin magazine, six young music fans—Bucky Driedger, Jonathan Dyck, Aaron Epp, Thomas Epp, Les Friesen and Theo Wiebe—gathered to listen to and discuss some of 2008’s biggest pop music hits. This is what they had to say.

  • Arts Briefs

    Death Row to live again; Silver Jews throw in the towel; Slumdog Millionaire premieres in India

  • Arts Briefs

    Beyonce: prophet for our times; Metallica, Run DMC honoured in hall of fame; A light goes out in Vegas

  • Arts Briefs

    Smith rules the big screen in 2008; She and a new Him to make sweet music together; Prince reveals majestic marketing strategy