James Hawboldt

  • A tough sell

    For a film, bleak is a tough sell. Bleak kills parties, rains on picnics and hangs out at nursing homes. It’s hard to convince people to go see bleak, especially when action, horror and comedy are playing next door.

  • Eric Nicholas - Words and Sounds

    Eric Nicholas’s first full-length solo album has the Winnipegger already sounding like a seasoned master. He makes straight up pop music, but Nicholas disguises it by adding just the right amount of extras to steer things from Dullsville.

  • Inside the mind of a murderer

    For many theatre-goers, a night out may involve an elegant evening of soothing soliloquies and happily-ever-after tales of romance. These people will want to skip Infinity Land.

  • Hardcore maverick

    Now that John McCain is safely off of the front pages, we can collectively reclaim the adjective “maverick” for those who really deserve the term – like Bruce McDonald.

  • Kim Reimer - Not the First Girl

    Not the First Girl, the sophomore album Manitoba’s Kim Reimer will release this Saturday, Feb. 28 at Shannon’s, is a fitting title. Every facet of this middle of the road country album has been over explored.