Derek Loewen

  • Folk music coming in loud and clear

    There’s no doubt that folk tunes and culture exist as fundamental pillars of music today. However, it seems that public interest in twanging banjos and campfire jam sessions has declined in recent years.

  • Learning through tasting

    Winnipeg’s Black History Month (BHM) celebrations are going in a tasty new direction.

  • Theatre By the River set to present Maureen Hunter’s Transit of Venus

    Lovers of both art and science will be pleased to know that local company Theatre By the River (TBTR) will be putting on a show to combine the two disciplines.

  • First we take the Park Theatre

    The duo responsible for creating Winnipeg’s jazz scene from the ground up is at it again.

  • No longer ‘waiting in the well’

    Octoberman’s Marc Morrissette is back with a new album and is ready to tour.

  • Local singer Hayley Gene shares music for a good cause

    Hayley Gene was born to perform.


    B.A. Johnston is back to his gut-splitting ways.

  • Bottoms up!

    B.A. Johnston, who is allegedly named after his mother’s favourite artist, Bryan Adams, refuses to reveal his age for fear of losing his youth market.

  • Janice Finlay

    In an age when few people still listen to jazz (and usually only to past legends like Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk), it’s important to remember that many supremely talented artists, such as Janice Finlay, are still contributing to the genre.

  • Equal rights still worth fighting for

    Although it’s been almost 100 years since women won the right to vote, people still herald Nellie McClung as one of Canada’s most important historical figures - with good reason.

  • Celebrating Canadian music

    For nearly six years, the Polaris Music Prize has celebrated the best music that Canada has to offer.

  • Small fundraiser for a big issue

    Lynne Scott is no ordinary Wolseley resident.

  • Main stage brought to life with laughter

    It’s easy to tell when a comedic play does its job sufficiently. The tell tale sign is gut-splitting laughter of course, but it’s important to know where the humour comes from.

  • It’s all in the writing

    It could be argued that to reverse the ills that plague a society people need to realize the things that they’re doing wrong.

  • Shirley Valentine poised to impress

    At almost 800 seats, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s John Hirsch Mainstage is a very large venue - especially when you’re the only one onstage.

  • Year-end Top Ten lists

    Here’s a look at what Uniter arts and culture staff and contributors were into this past year.

  • Willing and able, even after 20 years

    Wil Mimnaugh cut his teeth like most artists - or maybe unlike most artists.

  • No Gold

    This album will transport you to a place that is forever sunny and uncluttered.

  • Vancouver’s No Gold: More than just great music

    Jack Juston’s creative output as part of Vancouver band No Gold is more than just playing picturesque tunes sparked with hip moving beats. He believes it is a more general undertaking.

  • Victoria band making big waves, but not letting their heads swell

    Current Swell vocalist/guitarist Dave Lang vividly remembers the shock that came with moving from Alberta to B.C. at 18.

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