Courtney Brecht


    The Montreal duo known as Chromeo recently dropped their third album, Business Casual.

  • Jaywalking Downtown

    Do you feel that jaywalking is a problem downtown?

  • Local News Briefs

    Biggest meth bust in Peg’s history; Provincial support for eco-education; Northern Manitoba pets get needed services; Sex scandal rocks Manitoba’s legal community; Stolen DND truck ends up on airport runway

  • Campus News Briefs

    Haitian students to study at U of W; University chef taking centre stage; Shine up your shoes for a good cause; Menno Simons finds a permanent home; Wesmen leads Canada to volleyball victory

  • The April music round up

    This spring is going to rock your socks off.

  • The stylist and the souse

    Rita wants to be educated; she wants to know everything.

  • Justice is a dirty process

    When 10 million gallons of oil spilled in Alaska in the much-publicized Exxon-Valdez disaster in 1989, harrowing images of small petrol-covered animals struggling to stay alive blasted from every news media outlet. At that very same time, Ecuadorian Amazons came forward with reports of cancer, displacement and death caused by spills 30 times greater than the Valdez case, to a deaf audience.

  • RUMBLE DEVILS - Diablos Guapos

    Diablos Guapos by the Rumble Devils offers every standard rock ‘n’ roll cliché in the book – and the sound to match.

  • ‘Merry Christmas, you wonderful,  old Building and Loan!’

    The first music video ever broadcast on MTV was for the song Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. It reflected a nostalgia felt for the passing genre of radio and the lost stars whose careers ended with its demise.

  • Easy on the eyes and a treat for the ears

    Steven Tyler impregnated a Playmate of the Month, Gene Simmons boasts that he’s been with over 4,600 women and even Lyle Lovett got to marry Julia Roberts. The occasionally-proven music industry myth that ugly dudes can make themselves infinitely more attractive with a little musical talent has resulted in a nation of less-than-remarkable-looking guys endlessly practicing Stairway to Heaven in their bedrooms.

  • Arkells planning to take over the world?

    When Arkells took the stage in 2004 at Hamilton’s McMaster Battle of the Bands competition and lost, it seemed unexpected that they would return triumphantly to a sold out crowd of cheering fans in their former stomping grounds four years later.

  • Come Walk With Me

    If you went to junior high in Winnipeg, chances are you’ve read In Search of April Raintree and likely still remember it to this day. Beatrice Mosionier has vividly depicted the image of April and Cheryl’s plight, attempting to maintain their Native American pride while facing real-life problems as they try to survive.

  • No Wow-factor

    Manitoba Theatre Centre’s 52nd season opens with a witty, whodunit murder mystery.

  • Far, far away from a label

    It’s been a busy month for indie pop band Young Galaxy.

  • A ragtag gang of European immigrants

    From Gogol Bordello’s humble beginnings in an underground Bulgarian bar in New York, to appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and collaborations with Manu Chao, Margarita Jimeno chronicles the rise of Eugene Hutz’s brainchild, step by filthy step.