Alexander Kavanagh

  • An uneven weekend for the Wesmen basketball teams

    It was two very different stories for the Wesmen men’s and women’s basketball teams Nov. 27-28.

  • PRIESTESS - Prior To The Fire

    Prior To The Fire may have been my first exposure to these Montreal metal heads, but they immediately made a good impression with Lady Killer, the album’s opener.

  • Sickening sales figures

    It’s cold and flu season again. This year, I was unable to avoid the onslaught. In two weeks of being down for the count, I spent $250 on cold and flu medicine. The real kicker though is that most of it didn’t even work. Is it just me or does that seem kind of messed up?

  • More corn in your car

    Manitoba will soon be the first province in Canada to have mandated the use of biodiesel. As of Nov. 1, all fuel sold in Manitoba will be required to contain two per cent biodiesel.

  • Planting the seeds of victory

    Canada’s marijuana laws have long been controversial in Canadian politics. Due to the stigma of being labelled “pro pot,” politicians are often reluctant to advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Yet, the legalization of marijuana could be the issue to tip the scales for the Liberal party, should they advocate entrusting government with handling Canada’s marijuana market.

  • Hold the hate: Governance straight up, please

    I was trying to hold off on slamming federal politics for another week or two, but this Conservative smear campaign against Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has become too ridiculous to ignore.

  • The root of all evil and trust

    If there is one thing that I’m sick of hearing people say, it’s: “I’d trust this person with my life.”

  • Study to address Winnipeg’s ‘housing first’ homeless strategy

    A new federal study proposed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada is being undertaken to monitor the success of the province’s “housing first” approach to homelessness and mental illness.

  • Let us decide

    I’d like to take a few precious moments to talk about what’s going on in the Manitoba legislature these days.