Alana Westwood

  • Of progress and the tall grass prairie

    In Manitoba, tall grass prairie ecosystems once covered much of the southern third of the province, encompassing 6,000 square kilometers. Less than one per cent of this total remains today.

  • A little etiquette, please

    My fellow concertgoers, it is time to shape up.

  • How about an environmental action plan?

    Canada’s economic action plan is in full swing, with signs appearing everywhere to alert us of impending bicycle paths, highway improvements and other infrastructure developments.

  • Stealing time at work

    What is time theft? You could be doing it right now as you read this in your lab or your cubicle. And you could be getting caught.

  • Incommunicado no more?

    Imagine lying on your back, aware of questions being asked of you, but completely unable to move and speak. As recent studies show, this is the reality for some vegetative patients. They are literally trapped in their own bodies. Now, there may be reason for hope, as advanced brain imaging is being tested as a means of communication.

  • A sacrifice of Olympic proportions

    The Vancouver 2010 Olympics, for some, is a distant memory. For others, the bruises splotched across tattered bodies are only just beginning to fade.

  • The changing nature of ‘gay’

    When an out homosexual character on a prime-time sitcom exclaims, “Can you have him paint us something a little less gay?” it sounds like being gay isn’t entirely about sexual orientation.