Alana Trachenko

  • News briefs

    WE Day // Film night // Smashing pumpkins (not that kind) // Riverbank stabilization // Basic income symposium // Learn about organ harvesting in China

  • PROFile – Dr. Tracy Whalen

    Dr. Tracy Whalen is, according to, one of University of Winnipeg’s (U of W’s) top instructors. 

  • News briefs

    KINect lectures // Community town hall // Chocolate for cancer research // United Way raffle // First World War exhibit // Big Brothers Big Sisters in a new building

  • PROFile - Dr. Ed Cloutis

    Director, Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research and Professor, Geography Department

  • Our backyards are full of invisible animals

    We’ve all seen the disturbing videos that show animals being abused by their handlers – but what most people don’t realize is how close to home those incidents are.

  • News briefs

    Trimbee talks // Community gathering // Newcomer photography // Co-op conference // Wesmen Wine & Dine

  • PROFile - John Anchan

    When it comes to research, and life in general, John Anchan of the Faculty of Education prefers to have a little variety. 

  • News briefs

    Freaky fitness // Free environmental conference // Autumn convocation // University address // New habitats // Learn about refugees

  • Chronic relief

    Manitobans currently spend between $300 and $500 million on marijuana annually, and that number is growing. Your across-the-hall neighbour or pizza guy with his baggy of shake may contribute to that total, but recreational marijuana is only a small piece of the puzzle.

  • Is Folk Fest “Manitoba’s Mecca”?

    Folk Fest is giving attendees and campers something they can’t find anywhere else and it’s not just four days of good music. It might just be the same thing that religion offered to people for thousands of years before many decided that they didn’t need it anymore.

  • Point and shoot

    The ’Peg’s photographers are recreating the city

  • A different reality

    Community is what separates us

  • Urban jungle

    Scaling Winnipeg's parkour scene

  • Why you should write for The Uniter

    Are you opinionated? Are you the one out of your friends who always seems to know what’s going on? Do you find yourself staying up late night after night, keeping up with current events? Well, look no further.

  • Policy changes can’t fix everything

    The Ontario government’s recent revision of policy regarding the treatment of transgender prisoners seems at first glance to be a step in the right direction. The biggest change to the policy means that prisoners will now be incarcerated based on their self-identified gender. In addition, trans women will now have the option to be strip-searched by women rather than men. Prisoners will be addressed by the gender and name with which they identify.

  • Pot Shots

    It’s time to legalize marijuana.

  • Current prostitution laws aren’t sexy

    It seems some governments are beginning to understand that legalization or the lack thereof has little to do with how people actually behave. Prohibition in 1920s United States is a common example of how outlawing something often fails as a deterrent (the outlawing of alcohol resulted in bootlegging and underground drinking clubs), but often causes people to do that activity more often and under more dangerous circumstances.

  • The PROFile - Anna Stokke

    Professor Anna Stokke has been teaching at the University of Winnipeg for 12 years, and has loved every minute of it. When she’s not busy motivating students to succeed, she also works as a Math Education Advocate. Recently, this included pushing provincial government to change school curriculums to provide better math education to students. 

  • Is there room for empathy in the context of free speech?

    On January 7, two gunmen (later identified as Muslim extremists) entered the offices of satirical Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo and opened fire, killing 12 people, allegedly over offence caused by illustrations of the prophet Muhammad.

  • Backstage costs

    Who doesn’t love a local show? It’s an evening for hanging out with friends, watching cool bands for cheap admission and drinking beer. Winnipeg loves its local performers and they love us back. However, most of us are not cut out to be in the bands we enjoy seeing - the hours are long and irregular and it often takes months before they see the kind of cash they need to move forward. New bands need a combination of talent, energy and a determination that is downright stubborn.

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