Alana Trachenko

  • Lez be honest

    It doesn’t sound like a big deal not to see yourself represented in the latest teen drama or popular blockbuster. And in a way, it’s not significant in the way that basic rights are for the LGBTQ+ community. However, it does represent another level of belonging within society that straight people automatically have.

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    Polar bear dive // Biomass research project // Indoor rowing championship // In the greenhouse // Sizeism sucks // Memory and test-taking stategies

  • PROFile - Dr. Catherine Taylor

    Professor and director of academic programs and administration in the faculty of education, professor of rhetoric and communications

  • News Briefs

    Osborne ball hockey // On the clock // Have a Heart // Get off the couch // Let’s Talk

  • Tusk

    If there’s a more quintessential origin story than TUSK’s, it would be tough to find it.

  • PROFile – Matt Dyce

    Matt Dyce has been at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) for just over four years, and he says it’s still a little weird teaching prairie kids about the prairies, when he’s not from them himself.

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    Direct Farm is in town // Black History Month around the corner // Women’s March Jan. 21 // Let’s talk Trump // Fentanyl community forums // Little Brown Jug now open

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    Digitalization forum coming to Winnipeg // Province tells craft liquor facilities to look elsewhere // Winnipeg Promise Initiative // Samson pushes for polar bear support // Good Will says goodbye to LPH // Oral history workshop

  • Lez Be Honest

    Coming out doesn’t fix everything

  • Favourite winnipeg Winter Activity

    1. Skating on the river trail
    2. Festival du Voyageur
    3. Staying inside

  • Favourite Local place to see live music

    1. The Good Will Social Club
    2. The Handsome Daughter
    3. Honourable mentions: The West End Cultural Centre, The Park Theatre

  • Favourite Local charity / non-profit

    1. Winnipeg Harvest
    2. Lake Winnipeg Foundation
    3. Resource Assistance for Youth

  • Favourite Local Boutique

    1. Tiny Feast
    2. Foxy Shoppe
    3. Out of the Blue

  • PROFile - Dr. Danny Blair

    With the best office on campus, Dr. Danny Blair has a great view of the year’s first snowfall. According to the geography professor, prairie winters will continue to grow shorter, warmer and wetter as climate change begins to affect our part of the world.

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    Fall and winter term dates // Panel discussion on deaths in custody // Equal voice // Theatre dept. opener // Food council on the horizon // Virtuosi for the holidays

  • PROFile – Marilou McPhedran

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) will be seeing off one of its most influential professors at the end of this term as Marilou McPhedran takes on her new role with the Canada Senate.

  • U of W board says no to divestment

    While a student group at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) continues to rally for divestment from fossil fuels, the school administration and board have closed the door on the possibility of pulling its funding out of oil and gas companies.

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    Projects Abroad launch new programs // Pancakes for mental health // Learn about UNDRIP // Movember flag goes up // Self-care through art // Soccer multiplex open

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    National conference on homelessness // City hall building named after U of W alum // Power of PJs // U of W heads to sexual violence conference // Half the Sky dinner // Looking at happiness

  • PROFile: George Fulford

    No, George Fulford doesn’t dig stuff up or look for fossils. Fulford teaches in the anthropology department, and his focus is on language.

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