Finding fall work

It may seem a little early to be thinking about the fall, but we are. We’re currently hiring for five positions that will start in late August of 2017. 

In the past, when we’ve posted these positions in July, the idea of working in the fall seemed to be even further from people’s minds, and we didn’t connect with as many writers, editors and photographers as we would have liked. So this year, once again, we’re taking the super-early-bird approach. 

So if you love to write and want to learn more about it and have the chance to practice and hone your skills every week for 26 whole issues, then perhaps you might want to apply for one of our reporter positions. 

The arts and culture reporter covers a whole wide range of topics, from local bands to health trends to dance and visual art. The city reporter covers important movements and moments in our communities and showcases the people who are working to make a better Winnipeg for all of us. Both of these postings close on March 14.

If you’ve got some writing and editing experience under your belt and want to mentor newer writers and curate a section, we’re also hiring for three editors.

The arts and culture editor works with the arts and culture reporter, the features reporter and volunteer writers to create a strong and diverse section every week. The city editor works with the city reporter, the campus reporter and volunteer writers to curate the city and campus section and to ensure that readers are aware of important issues both on and off campus. 

The comments editor works with volunteers to generate more opinion-based content and editorials and helps writers edit their pieces for rhetorical strength. 

All of these editor positions are great opportunities to curate a section of the paper and contribute to important local dialogues. The editor positions close on March 10, and new editors will be doing some training with outgoing editors in mid-March.

Full job postings are up at Send your applications (and questions) to

Published in Volume 71, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 9, 2017)

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