Favourite local publication

1. The Uniter 

2. The Manitoban 

3. Stylus 


While we certainly didn’t break any rules tallying the votes for this category, it looks like we’re going to have to break one to write this piece. 

One of the first things writers at The Uniter are told is that they shouldn’t write about things they are directly involved in. Writing about yourself is as far from objective as a journalist could be, yet here we are. So instead of cracking jokes or brazenly tooting our own horn for a few hundred words, we’ll just jump into it. 

Thank you. Thanks for reading and thanks for voting. Thanks for caring about what fellow Winnipeggers are up to and sharing their stories. 

It’s fantastic to see the company we’re in, and that our readers are also big fans of The Manitoban and Stylus magazine. We’re the little guys in the city, a handful of places where someone can walk through the door and start writing, regardless of their previous experience. 

And alumni from all three – The Uniter, The Manitoban and Stylus – go on to do all kinds of cool things. Sometimes journalism things, sometimes other things. Every now and then we get a tweet or an email with someone’s fond recollection of their time working here. Maybe they made friends or jokes or learned how to write a little bit better. 

We officially live in the category of student newspaper, but we’re also right at home being labelled as alternative media. And all the publications you’ve chosen are offering their own specific alternative spin on the stories we share. 

Cheesy as it may sound, we hope you know we’re not doing it for the big bucks. We’re doing it because we believe it makes some kind of difference, and by your votes, it looks like you agree.

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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