• In with the new

    Technology is changing the university


    August 13th-16 2015 Various venues downtown Advanced full festival passes are $75, outdoor concerts at the Cube are free

  • Up All Night: Insomnia and the internet

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about The Uniter’s regular Up All Night column. On one hand, I like reading about the after-dark Winnipeg experience. But as a lifelong insomniac, the words “up all night” rarely hold positive connotations. When you have a sleep disorder, being up all night isn’t a choice you make, it’s just a thing that happens.

  • Gamification

    Have you ever wondered, “what if life were more like a video game?"

  • It takes two to Scissr

    Anyone who says dating is easy and stress-free is lying to you. If it was a walk in the park, most dating and hookup apps wouldn’t exist.

  • Hacking is the best medicine

    The concept of “hacking” might not seem to have anything to do with getting a broken arm casted or blood transfused. But that assumption’s been mightily challenged as of late in the form of Hacking Health meet-ups, events that combine frontline healthcare professionals with designers and engineers to create technology-based solutions to pressing needs in doctor’s offices and emergency rooms. The event, which started in Montreal in 2012 and has made a dozen stops in other cities, has now finally arrived on the banks of Winnipeg.

  • Beware of Upgrades Unknown

    It’s that time of year again! The release of the new iPhone 6 has people clamoring to own the newest thing in technology. But with new technology comes new problems and pressure on people who want to keep their old devices.

  • Club connections

    A social media app aimed at students is coming to a university near you. No, this is a new one. 

  • Stop swimming against the stream

    I question some of my friends’ sanity when I hear they live in a crummy bachelor pad, infested with bedbugs and newly divorced husbands, but they’re still paying for cable.

  • Critical Hit with Drew Nordman

    From iconic science fiction novels like H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, to classic campy cartoons like The Jetsons, modern popular culture has been obsessed with the idea of the future for over a century.

  • Full Steam ahead

    This year the makers of Steam, a digital distribution platform, will release the Steam Machine, a PC-based console that hopes to bring Steam compatible games from your office into your living room. 

  • Always late? There‚Äôs an app for that

    It’s nearly 1 am. I’m still juggling ideas for an article that should have been submitted hours ago. Leaving things to the last minute isn’t new for me. I thrive on it. 

  • Serious baggage

    My father is an incredibly difficult person to buy gifts for. Like most kids his age, he likes expensive toys and he wants them the first day they come out. Every holiday season I find myself in the customer service line at Best Buy returning something because he went out the week before and bought it himself. 

  • The daily grind

    While doing research on current technology, I came across a concept that sounded so much like science fiction, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t being done in a lab, but in people’s basements and garages.

  • Geek chic

    I don’t spend money on clothing. I only fork out money on clothes that advertise my love for Dr. Who, but the rest I usually grab from a bin at Costco. 

  • Bundles of joy

    If a person can become addicted to video games the way one can become addicted to drugs, then the folks at Humble Bundle are the best dealers on your digital corner.

  • The Hangover: 3D

    I woke up in my Seattle hotel room and made my way towards the bathroom. I swerved back and forth which told me that I had come out of my comatose state too early. I was still drunk, but it was wearing off fast and I had a mission.

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