• Love and crime

    PROFile: Silvana Buccini, contract academic staff, Department of Criminal Justice, U of W

  • Diversity Foods and COVID-19

    The life of a social enterprise during a pandemic

  • Campus briefs

    Webinar Wednesdays // Winter Term // Spring Term // Good Friday // Winter Term // Exams // Convocation Awards // myVisit

  • One green city

    To prioritize a city’s well-being, invest in green spaces

  • Whose Portage Place?

    Concerns raised over shopping mall’s redevelopment

  • Navigating the gendered impact of COVID-19

    Women in the 15 to 24 age bracket among most affected by pandemic job losses

  • City briefs

    Candidates, on your marks ... // Blank bills revealed // Come on in, the water might be safe? // Presentation with Dr. April Langley // Sport scholarship support // Winnipeg Comiccon launches virtual Saturdays

  • Arts briefs

    Manitoba Opera: The Barber of Seville as styled by Al Simmons // As Immense as the Sky by Meryl McMaster // Virtual burlesque and pole-dance performances by Shane Sable and Lynx Chase // Futures Barren/Futures Abundant by April Dean // I’m Not Your Kinda Princess by Lori Blondeau at Plug In // “The Way It Would Be” new single by Field Guide

  • Do you know where your sewage goes?

    Decades of conversations about wastewater in Winnipeg

  • A hard look in the mirror

    Right-wing ‘cancel culture’ obsession can barely conceal its own racism

  • Lost in Japan

    PROFile: Jeffrey Newmark, associate professor, religion and culture department, U of W

  • Out-of-this-world research activity

    U of W team part of Mars rover project

  • New election rules for UWSA

    Changes come after a chaotic spring 2020 election

  • Campus briefs

    Webinar Wednesdays // Spring Term registration // UWSA Student Conference/Travel Fund Award // Winter Term courses // Good Friday // Exams // Convocation Awards // myVisit app

  • The Village Project seeks to end, not manage, homelessness

    Housing project aims to promote healing through community and cultural supports

  • Bill [redacted]

    Province faces criticism after releasing 19 bills with no text

  • City briefs

    Transit Master Plan released // Upcoming Weweni event // Take a virtual visit to Honeyland // Upcoming events in the English department // Reprioritizing school budgets // City announces temporary memorial to COVID-19 victims

  • An abundance of bagels

    Winnipeg goes from zero to 3 specialty bagel shops in less than a year

  • Arts briefs

    Irish songs for ukulele // Digital Dramaturgy Initiative // Into the Nexus at Cr8ery // Visions of Swan Lake // Music ‘N’ Mavens // St. Patrick’s Day with the Dust Rhinos

  • They don’t give a crap

    It’s a sad reality that racist heckling is considered acceptable in the Legislature while the word “crap” is verboten.

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