• Oil double-check

    On Jan. 21, Premier Brian Pallister announced that the Made-In-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan would include the highest ethanol content requirement and highest biodiesel requirement of any province in Canada

  • City briefs

    Lecture on data mining // Illuminati Capital of the World // Weweni Indigenous Scholars Speaker Series // Experimental learning project // Lecture series application // Nexus Lunch-and-Learn Demo

  • City roots

    Trees are often caught up in human politics and drama on all scales. Every once in a while, these politics centre around a single tree. Such was the case of the Wolseley Elm.

  • U of W hosts environmental fair on Feb. 5

    On Wednesday, Feb. 5, the University of Winnipeg (U of W) will host 2020 Vision, an environmental research fair. This event, taking place between 12:30 and 1 p.m. in the Richardson College for the Environment’s (RCFE) Power Corporation Atrium, aims to showcase environmental research at the U of W.

  • Arts briefs

    Plant This Movie // Pizza fundraiser for Arts Junktion // Winterruption Winnipeg // Sweet on Sustainability // Indigenous Is Not a genre // Two solo exhibitions at Plug In ICA

  • Strategizing for instability

    “We’ve been put in a position of, I wouldn’t say panic, but an unsustainable position,” Koroluk says.

  • Solidarity at Portage and Main

    On Jan. 10, Portage and Main became the scene of a solidarity protest. 

  • City roots

    In order to get a sense of how Winnipeggers were thinking about trees during the first couple decades of the 20th century, I returned to local newspaper archives. 

  • Favourite Winnipeg Winter Activity

    1.    Skating on the River Trail
    2.    Staying indoors
    3.    Festival du Voyageur

  • Favourite Local Activist / Favourite political moment

    1.    Leah Gazan
    2.    Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie / Victoria Redsun (tie)
    3.    Lena Andres

    Favourite political moment

    1.    Leah Gazan’s campaign, nomination and election 
    2.    Climate strike
    3.    Uzoma Asagwara's election

  • ‘It never used to be like this’

    In an email statement, a representative for the City of Winnipeg says “The City of Winnipeg is committed to reducing the amount of nutrients we release to our rivers and lakes, including Lake Winnipeg.” Daniel Gladu Kanu is not so sure.

  • Future of feasting

    On Nov. 22, the Wilderness Committee hosts its annual Climate Fall Supper. 

  • Riddle me this

    In preparing for this week’s cover feature about development in downtown Winnipeg, we in the editorial staff of The Uniter found ourselves asking, “What is downtown?” 

  • The Hydro-dammed will not suffer in silence

    After the recent provincial and federal election cycles, one might think debates about a wellknown and environmentally destructive energy source would become pervasive, but Manitoba Hydro continues to go largely unquestioned and unexamined by communities not impacted by their projects, especially in southern Manitoba

  • Riding in a winter wonderland

    Winter biking might not be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of an effective mode of transportation or an enjoyable outdoor activity. However, despite the cold, for many people, cycling in winter can be both a necessary form of transportation and a fun recreational pastime.

  • City roots

    Over the past year, I have been learning about the history of colonialism on the prairies, and I have begun to wonder: how do trees fit into the early settler vision for the plains?

  • Canadians elect Liberal minority government

    On Oct. 21, Canadians elected a Liberal minority government, giving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a second term. His new cabinet will be unveiled on Nov. 20.

  • Learning to coexist with coyotes and beat the beetles

    Not everyone is aware of all the plants, insects and non-human animals that reside in Winnipeg, which is part of why Sustainable Development Manitoba will run several public awareness sessions about coyotes in Winnipeg in the upcoming weeks.

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