• Many nations under Brian

    Winnipeg is an international city. From the many ancestral nations of Indigenous Winnipeggers, to the many far-flung countries of origin for settlers, Winnipeg is a meeting place for people from across the globe.

  • The rise of the post-MeToo “comeback”

    Earlier this month, Rumor’s Restaurant and Comedy Club announced plans to book American comedian and actor Louis C.K.

  • Cast another vote. No, another one

    Another month, another election gone by. 

  • Two minutes for interference

    Another hockey season is underway, and, at least for the Winnipeg Jets, this year seems to be fraught with more drama than the last.

  • Crystal Clear

    With the federal election coming up on Monday, Oct. 21, it’s important to understand how a conservative government would affect people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

  • Haunted when the minutes drag

    Every October, as Halloween approaches, Winnipeggers are reminded of the city’s many supposedly haunted buildings. 

  • Celluloid, tape and newsprint

    In 2019, virtually any kind of art can be accessed via smartphone. Whether streaming music from Spotify or films from Netflix, it’s easy to feel like physical media is a thing of the past.

  • Talkin’ ‘bout together now

    Collaboration is key.

  • Hope, apathy and forest fires

    Manitobans are currently sandwiched between provincial and federal elections. 

  • Don’t fear! Volunteer!

    Here at The Uniter, we take our community obligations seriously. Those obligations include telling the stories that aren’t told elsewhere, but it also refers to our role as a learning paper. 

  • Here we go again

    The new school year is a time of change for many students. It’s a time of change for The Uniter, as well. 

  • We have fun here

    For a weekly paper, when we’re putting together an issue that will be out in the world for a full three months, it’s a big deal! The scope is wide, and we have a lot to tell you.

  • Fractures and bridges

    This year’s capstone issue, the Urban Issue, has a theme of Fractured City. 

  • The last chapter

    This is it, readers – the final chapter of this year’s regularly scheduled Uniter. 

  • Make/break the rules

    Many of the pieces you would usually find in The Uniter are, by most definitions, on the short side.

  • We’re melting!

    To be clear, the paper itself isn’t melting.

  • The write season

    While The Uniter hits newsstands every week, there’s quite a bit that goes on behind the scenes to make each issue.

  • Marching on

    This issue straddles the end of February and beginning of March, a transition from deep winter to end-winter.

  • It’s the time

    It’s been a busy time for students in the cold, cold days of winter.

  • Bring on the music

    Drumroll, please … our annual New Music Issue is finally here!

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