Ueber Coddiwomples 2018 by H. RogueRaiders

About the show:

to coddiwomple - an Old English verb


to travel in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination

Coddiwomple by H. RogueRaiders is a drawing with aspects of a ‘doodle’

Ueber Coddiwomple -a large ‘doodle’ with extensive icons with meaning on many levels


Ueber as adverb


having the specified property to an extreme or excessive degree; very:

an ueber fancy restaurant

‘Ueber’ today’s buzzword


Ueber Coddiwomples 2018 follows Helma’s 2017 show titled ‘Coddiwomples’, small scale pen & ink drawings, which was a resounding success. The artist replaced the ‘doodle’ in the vernacular, with the apt title ‘Coddiwomple’ which was picked up with enthusiasm by the local art making community. Artists, frantically ever doodling, emerged in great numbers. Such fun to have initiated a ‘movement’.

The artist faced the challenge to preserve the whimsical nature of her small coddiwomples.  From seven inch by nine inch drawings the Ueber Coddiwomple can measure three feet by three feet.

Living a stone’s throw away from Lake Winnipeg, Boundary Creek Marsh in particular, Helma developed icons e.g. red winged blackbirds, pelicans, snapping turtles, dragonflies, the not so well liked fish fly and more. These icons appear time and time again in new compositions. Then there are icons with universal meaning, such as dice. Placed in the coddiwomple they punctuate the artist’s imagined secret life in her drawings.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM