The WKND Hair Salon Charity Fundraiser Party

On Sunday, May 27th, The WKND Hair Salon will be hosting a co-charity event in conjunction with our grand opening of our 86 Donald Street location. 

The event will consist of:

  • hair services
  • live entertainment
  • food/beverages
  • education and awareness

Proceeds from the event will be contributed to two charities that we believe strongly in working with which are the Canadian Liver Foundation and Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (Welcome Place).

We at The WKND Hair Salon believe in giving back, right into the very community that also directly supports us. With an event as ambitious as this, we understand that the community reach, becoming a united voice, and even local awareness means everything. We believe this is a chance for Winnipeggers to come together and not only appreciate our premium beauty services but also give back in a meaningful and impactful way. Coverage of this event would help support our goal of contributing to the growth of the two charity foundations that we've mentioned. 

A little background about The WKND Hair Salon is that it consists of three partners Ali, Marlon, Alon. We know what it is like to immigrate to Canada with the feeling of unknown. My partner Ali Al-Dulaimi used to be a refugee in an Iraqi camp. Alon comes from Israel by way of Argentina, while our third partner Marlon is from Jamaica. We all understand the feeling of fear, nervousness and excitement of leaving our home countries to begin a new life in Canada. We take pride in our ability to bring together three different cultural groups and religions. We believe that by supporting these charities we can contribute to more stories like ours. Our individual journeys of migration into Canada are all different but as a group we understand the first-hand experiences and difficulties that immigration entails. We are very passionate about helping to improve the process for future immigrants.

We chose these specific charities for two reasons:

Canadian Liver Foundation: One of our long-time loyal clients recently went through a tragic event where his only chance of survival was to receive a liver transplant. The Liver Foundation was able to help him through the whole process, as well as continuous post-recovery support. We are very proud to be able to help such a great foundation that has helped one of our clients survive.

Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council:: Both my partners and I know what it is like to arrive in Canada with little to no financial or social support. This is an issue we are all deeply passionate about. Our hope is that proceeds donated from this event will in someway help to lessen the burden and struggles newcomers to Canada experience. We believe in promoting community regardless of race, religion or place of birth one has. Moreover, with the recent influx of newcomers to Canada and the current political environment we are in, we know now is as important as ever to support organizations helping settle newcomers in Canada. 

Your involvement in supporting this project is appreciated by The WKND Hair Salon, Canadian Liver Foundation, and Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council.