• Date: Sunday, October 1, 2017 – Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Venue: Millennium Library, 251 Donald Street, Winnipeg
  • Admission: NONE
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Gabriela Aguero is a visual artist from Argentina who emigrated to Canada in 1985. She holds a BFA Honours from the University of Manitoba and MFA from Louisiana State University and postgraduate studies in cultural anthropology. In the past her work addressed issues of human rights stemming from her experiences growing up during a military dictatorship. During the time in Louisiana the focus shifted to gender, technology and metamorphosis. Her large scale mixed media paintings were precursors to the present work in photography and projections.

Gabriela has been awarded a Winnipeg Arts Council grant A to develop further into video media continuing with an urgency with ecology, reason, women and the wild. Gabriela has four children and makes her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty One territory. Her favourite place in the world is outdoors in nature.


The show at the Millenium Library will be a meditation on many years as outsider to the culture to come full circle tracing the archeology of origins in other geographies. This show will recall altered states of consciousness necessary to practice in the dark immersed in the delicate and fragile balance between the surface of the trees or the light of the moon where I do outdoor long exposure projections. Within the landscape reason and science provide yet another framework to contrast, contradict and resist concepts of nature stewardship, progress and development. Beyond dualisms in a circular ouroboros, the images will reify magic, wildcrafting, cyclical patterns, mujer y sabiduría from an ecofeminist perspective.

This show is a precursor to a solo show to be presented at the Mennonite gallery in May 2018.