November 4 2010

The campus news brief “Randy Kobes leaves legacy to U of W undergrads” in the Sept. 30 issue of The Uniter (page 6) contained incorrect information.
The poster session has always been open to undergraduate students, and there were seven winners, not three: First place went to Michael Lang (Physics Department), second place went to Ian Taylor (Physics Department), third place went to Dylan Buhr (Physics Department) and four Honourable Mention prizes were awarded to Tim Chau (Physics Department), Shanleigh MacKenzie (Psychology Department), Sam Voth (Chemistry Department) and Wan Wang (Psychology Department).

Also, the story “Endorsements liven up civic campaign” in the Oct. 21 issue of The Uniter (page 5) contained incorrect information. We stated that Ross Eadie had not received a formal party endorsement. The Manitoba NDP did in fact endorse four candidates in the civic election: Ross Eadie, Jenny Gerbasi, Shaneen Robinson and Keith Bellamy.

The review of the Matthew Barber CD True Believer in the Oct. 28 issue of The Uniter (page 13) was written by Alex Krosney.

Also in that issue, the Fashion Streeter (page 20) was photographed by Brittany Hildebrandt. Incorrect bylines appeared in both cases.

We regret the errors.