Harvey Carlisle’s bi-weekly top-ten tracks to hear.

Dear friends and followers,

I, Harvey Carlisle, the largest third of a bakers dozen, the one who is not only four but five eggs, the man you love and who will never love you back have prepared another list. Much like the first this list starts at 1 and ends at 10. You are expected to listen to these tracks from 1 through 10 if you ever want to see your loved ones again! In time you will feel your love for me growing stronger with each list and I relish the moment when I, Harvey Carlisle am everything you will ever need. This is the real deal my lovers. Enjoy!

I know you will enjoy every track in this list but if you feel the need to shout with joy, please use your inside voice.

1: Magazine - Song From Under the Floorboards
2: John Cale - Gideon’s Bible
3: Robyn Hitchcock - If You Were A Priest
4: Psychic TV - Godstar
5: The Associates - A Matter of Gender
6: Duran Duran - Planet Earth
7: The Wipers - Doom Town
8: Beasts of Bourbon - Psycho
9: Husker Du - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
10: The Flaming Groovies - Slow Death

Never Yours,

The Great and Beautiful Creator of everything,

Harvey Carlisle

The list that you have been given today will be a mandatory list. You will have no choice but to listen to the entire list. If you are unable to listen to the entire list I, Harvey Carlisle, the beautiful creator of all things, expect a doctors note. No other reason will be accepted. Family tragedy is not an excuse.