Strike haiku

Seeking settlement.
Must love ivory, research
and a decent wage.

Meet me at large rock.
It’s in front of nice castle.
We’re boulder pushers.

Plans on Wednesday?
We are going to party like
it’s 1919.

Well, when there’s money,
There are books. It’s like the arts,
When it rains, it pours.

Find you can’t settle?
Can’t = cancer of happen.
Thank you Charlie Sheen.

I don’t think we should
Meet in the middle. This time,
I am leaning left.

Contract love over
Conference table. Union,
Me, and some fine… print.

I spoke to my friend
And they said there is power
Disguised as students

Where is this going?
Manitoba come home, please.
I’m living downtown.

Let’s settle the term(s),
Straight As for everybody!
... I should mediate.

Strike my heart and hope
To dive headfirst into a
Fistful of fairplay

What would sweet Lloyd do,
If he were Wesley’s sovereign
And not just a prince?

Anticipation. Lack of
Proper citation.

Forget all the profs.
The province’ll do the teaching
solely in haiku.

There is no space for
Investment in occupied
Territories, geez.

Back to your punk bands
You glorified teachers! What
Do you mean research?

It’s the few teeth left,
In the gummy smile, that are
Most disconcerting.

What constitutes chance?
One chants out between two strikes
City, walk with me!

And, not a haiku:

Strike matches. NO SMOKING on school property. Ever.

With files from/in collusion with JDG.