Charlie Morin

Features editor  

  • Imagining future possibilities

    Honour fandoms by engaging with them in new, imaginative ways

  • I.T.U.T.

    A comic by Charlie Morin 

  • Mistakes were made

    A comic by Charlie Morin 

  • 20-year milestone for Juice Journal

    Despite a lack of live events, the literary journal remains high-quality 

  • Plenty of good to go around

    Good + Plenty promotes diversity in the arts and music scene

  • Critipeg: Letterkenny

    “Sleepover,” streaming on Crave

  • Punching up

    Winnipeg comedians and colleagues speak on performing in a medium that has historically been dominated by white, male, straight and cis voices. 

  • Favourite local comedian

    Favourite local comedian

    1. Sarah London
    2. Alex Ateah
    3. Riva Billows

  • Favourite local album / Favourite local performance

    Favourite local album

    1. Amos the Kid - Mountain View
    2. Jamboree - A Beautiful Place
    3. Boniface - Boniface

    Favourite local performance

    1. Amos the Kid - Rooftop Retreat Pop-Up show @ WAG
    2. Virgo Rising & Begonia @ WECC / Jamboree EP release @ Good Will (tied)
    3. Merin, Jamboree & Julien’s Daughter @ Forth

  • Working together

    Co-operative businesses show resilience through shared values

  • Critipeg: FM Youth

    Streaming on Reelhouse

  • Critipeg: Cemetery Boys

    Aiden Thomas, 320 pages, Macmillan Publishers, September 2020

  • OK, Boomer

    An illustration by Charlie Morin.

  • In law we trust

    It isn’t fair to ask marginalized communities for lawful protest when laws often largely miss the mark on human rights.

  • Postmodern Prof

    A comic by Charlie Morin

  • Rocking out from a young age

    Young musicians benefit greatly from taking part in the music scene.

  • Unconventional spaces for growing

    Houseplants need care that mimics their natural environments. 

  • Pop culture influences society

    Pop culture informs how people make sense of the world. It reveals what society believes about itself, but it can also be used as an instrument for effecting social change.

  • Poverty is everyone’s business

    Comedian Lara Rae believes it’s possible to address any topic with humour. This approach extends to serious topics, like poverty.

  • Licensed to wed

    Brenda McConaghy is a registered non-denominational marriage commissioner. She says that couples tend to see her as someone who can provide a personalized and accurate story about their relationship.

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