Adam Klassen

  • The absurd and whimsical world of Helen Hill

    Potbellied pigs, teapots, eggs with wings and a love letter to Halifax’s little known bohemian underbelly: all are captured on 16mm in the absurd and whimsical animated works of Helen Hill.

  • A mass of facts and myths

    Writer/actor Pierre Brault and director Brian Quirt are about to bring a legend back home with their highly acclaimed one-person play 5 O’Clock Bells.

  • And a five, six, seven, eight!

    Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern’s documentary Every Little Step tells the duel story of the original production and the current revival of one of Broadways most beloved musicals, A Chorus Line.

  • Please hold the E. coli

    Today more people are questioning where their food comes from than ever before. Or at least, they’re being told they should.