What Julie does with her days

Moncton indie-rocker Julie Doiron talks about touring, being a mother and her surprising new record

Not afraid to get her socks dirty: Julie Doiron has been a solo performer since 1996.

When indie-rocker Julie Doiron went into the studio to record her latest album, she went in with a plan.

While I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day did not turn out as she intended, like all of her records it mirrors what she’s been doing at her live shows.

“They’re all pretty reflective of what I was doing live. They may not have turned as extreme as I thought, but I guess because I made the album it came out in a very natural way,” Doiron said by phone from her parents’ home in Moncton, NB.

Since the release of I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, Doiron has been touring tirelessly.

As a mother of three, it can be hard to be away from her kids.

“Everyone’s hanging in there, but before the record I had three months off and we did a lot fun things. But this year was particularly crazy.”

Despite being homesick from time to time, the singer-songwriter loves the road and has bills to pay.

“I actually love being on tour. I enjoy it. When I’ve been back for a couple of weeks it’s like, ‘OK, let’s get back in the van.’ I like going to a different city every day and I like playing with other musicians.”

Doiron, now an established artist, began her professional career in Moncton indie band Eric’s Trip with then-boyfriend (and current producer) Rick White. It was basically an excuse for her to move from her more folksy roots to the electric guitar. Since then, Doiron has released a slew of albums, won a Juno and, more recently, was nominated for the Polaris Prize.

Despite many years in the industry, Doiron believes her path has stayed true.

“I feel like it’s been a pretty steady evolution to where I am now from where I started,” Doiron said. “I did pretty quiet music and from there I started to really learn how to have fun, rocking out and doing guitar solos. And that seemed to coincide with the 2006 Eric’s Trip reunion tour. So it seemed like a logical step for me with the last album.”

The East Coast native will continue her rocking ways this Monday, Jan. 18 at the Albert.

If you really want to know what her music’s like, you’ll head down there, where Doiron promises to deliver another high-energy show.

“The more people who come to the live shows the better, and I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

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