What do you think about the Lo Pub’s closure? What’s happening on Ellice Avenue?

  • Meako Marlow, first-year student, Computer Science

    It’s really disappointing. All the businesses that we’re losing in the downtown area, with the big reform that’s taking place on Portage, it’s really disappointing to see the old buildings being taken down. A lot of the charm of Winnipeg, a lot of things that bring the movie industry here, are being lost.

  • Kayla Barylski, fourth-year student, Business

    I think it’s really unfortunate for the city, especially with the Ellice Café and Theatre shutting down as well. I was there for a show once and it was really good.

  • Bernie Mcgoyre, retired

    I think it’s a terrible thing to happen. I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for nearly 11 years and in that time the street has changed. It’s changing slowly but surely. It didn’t turn into crap overnight and it’s not going to turn around overnight either, it’s turning around, but losing places like that is tragic.

  • Rodney Chrusch, landscaper

    I don’t think they should shut these businesses down. They’re just trying to make a dollar, it’s pretty hard to come by a job and that. It’s pretty hard to get. I think businesses should stay open.

Published in Volume 67, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 5, 2012)

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