University of Winnipeg Students’ Association general election

  • Elizabeth Shearer, second-year student, environmental studies

    I definitely plan on voting. I think it’s very important to engage in campus politics and help shape the direction of our university community.

  • Otutuama Akpevwe, second-year student, biochemistry

    I’m going to vote because I have friends running for certain positions. Plus, it is nice to see a change in areas with the candidates running on different platforms. A lot of them are doing new things for the students in our school, so I’ll vote.

  • Marika White, second-year student, education

    I plan to vote. I think it’s important. We pay a lot of money to come here so we might as well get our voice out.

  • Christian Martinez, third-year student, criminal justice

    I haven’t voted and I’m not sure whether I will or not. I’m not sure if there is any tangible change that can happen through the election.

  • Kevin Smoley, first-year student, sciences

    I’m going to vote. I just think I should because it’s my right.

  • Scott Snider, second-year, general arts

    I voted yesterday mainly because I didn’t notice anything that the incumbents did so I thought I would vote for something new so that there’s a chance the UWSA could do something.

Published in Volume 66, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 14, 2012)

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