Transit fare increase

  • Jason Syvixay, public relations advocate, Downtown Biz

    Increasing our transit fees will have a negative impact on ridership, especially for those of whom transportation poses a financial barrier and challenge. Our governments can find a more fair and sensible way to complete our rapid transit without directly punishing its users.

  • Eric Mattson, business student

    If the new rapid system is effective and quick, then a fare increase is only fair.

  • Heather Brown, business student

    I think that it is an inconvenience. If they are not going to fix the transit system we have at this given time, it does not seem fair to increase the fare. They should be trying to get more people to want to take the bus.

  • Dylan Jones-Drewniak, arts student and downtown resident

    It is not necessary to charge public transit riders higher fares when the money needed for rapid transit could and should be found elsewhere.

  • Dominique Demers, community member

    I think that it is kind of unfair for people who do not have access to the rapid transit system, they should have found the funding before building. It would have avoided all of the unnecessary controversy.

  • Daniel Gurevich, student

    The service has been getting worse as the fare increases. I see no justification for an increase in transit fare when Winnipeg remains, and will continue to be, a car-centric city if Winnipeg transit does not take proactive measures to increase ridership.

Published in Volume 66, Number 13 of The Uniter (November 23, 2011)

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