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Dispatches from Winnipeg’s rock and soul revolutionaries


Combining soul, rock & roll, garage, and reggae, Winnipeg’s Noble Thiefs have vaulted into indie success and are currently touring with their debut album, “Beyond the 11th Deck.” Recorded over a two month period with esteemed producer Neil Cameron (Death Cab For Cutie, The Watchmen), the foursome completed an 11-track record that proved to be their “debut to the world at large.”

Touring across Canada with fellow Winnipeg rockers Mise en Scene—whose blog you can also find on this website—the Uniter teamed up with the band to bring you their dispatches from the road.

The Noble Thiefs, along with Mise en Scene, will be back in Winnipeg on October 30, 2012 to play the Pyramid Cabaret ahead of Halloween.


Guerrilla-Style Rock and Soul in the Streets of Regina
September 29, 2012
by “Smilin” Riley Hastings (Guitar)

Riley here, reporting from the city that rhymes with fun. Regina’s BreakoutWest festival takes place this weekend, and includes over fifty bands in numerous venues across the city. With no show of our own in Riderville, we took a unique approach to gaining the attention we so desperately require to uphold our massive egos. We decided to hit the town with guitars in our hands, and ties on our necks. Making rounds of the BreakoutWest venues, we entertained the smokers outside with acoustic versions of our original tunes. If there’s one thing Myron loves, it’s making a scene; busting moves, climbing on tables, serenading the pretty ladies and generally being a spectacle. Fortunately, the crowds ate it up and the event/venue staff welcomed and embraced our presence. Thanks for a pleasant evening Regina; we’re moving on to Calgary for a show at the Palomino tonight!

Stay Noble my friends.

Cowtown Throwdown
September 30, 2012

Well folks, the first show is in the bag. What a show! After watching our tour homies Mise en Scene rip it up at Broken City, we all headed to the Palomino smokehouse for a party of our own. The venue is a combination BBQ smokehouse/saloon/venue, pretty suitable for the culture of Cowboy land. We played between a surf rock band, and reunited Calgary punk band the Turrettes. This made for an extra tasty Noble Thiefs Sandwich, extra cheese.  We received a lot of love from the locals in Calgary, and had a blast playing for the packed venue! Special thanks to the radio contest winners who called into CJSW and won tickets!! As I’m typing these words, the beautiful Rockies are emerging on the horizon. We’ll be in Banff shortly for a two-night stand at the good old Rose & Crown pub before we make the long haul to Vancouver! Time to rest off this Steamwhistle induced headache.

Thiefs out.

Rumble at the Rose & Crown
October 2, 2012

People of Banff, you are crazy!! We are all exhausted after a two-night stand at the legendary Rose & Crown pub. Last night, the locals came out in droves and showed us a party, the likes of which could only be found in a Canadian mountain town. Mise en Scene opened up for us and blew everyone’s minds (as per usual). As soon we hit the stage, the dance floor was flooded! We debuted a brand new song to the receptive ears of Banff. It’s always really great to have new material validated by a great reception from a bunch of strangers. I’d like to send a big shout out to Stan from the Rose & Crown. He’s such a gracious host and a top-notch dude in general! We’re driving through Lake Louise on our way to Kamloops right now, so I’m going to stop typing and enjoy this scenery.

Riley and I are roamers. Wanderers. We like to scope out the town each time we arrive. Get a feel for the electricity in the streets. Tonight, we can feel it’s somewhere. We can even smell it, taste it. But as we walk the grid system we’re coming up short.

Ian Lodewyks, bassist

September 29, 2012
by Ian Lodewyks (Bass)

It’s Wednesday.
After a beautifully scenic ferry ride—including whale watching and a sunset—we arrive on Vancouver Island and immediately realize the soundtrack to be played at this moment through our GMC Savana’s sound system is the most important of the whole trip. I search for some Buju Banton (free Buju!) but fall back on the Who’s “Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy” and the Pietasters’ “Willis”. 
We cruise through the island’s beautiful roads and find ourselves in Victoria.
We locate our pad. 
Chatham and Government.
We break.
Ladies grab the grub.
Riley and Myron grab the booze (no mix…).
Tim and I stash the van.
Myron falls down the stairs and remains a crumbled mess at the bottom for a while.
Riley and I are restless and dying for an adventure.
We hit the streets.
Walk the harbour. Spot the booze hounds. This city is gorgeous.
Riley and I are roamers. Wanderers. We like to scope out the town each time we arrive. Get a feel for the electricity in the streets.
Tonight, we can feel it’s somewhere. We can even smell it, taste it. But as we walk the grid system we’re coming up short.
Until we hear that Cypress Hill’s B. Real is playing Club 9one9—the same club we play the next night.
Myron calls….”Where you boys at?”
We tell him to walk to the first lights and turn right. That he’ll find us if he walks towards downtown.
He stumbles (no walking included) to the second lights and turns left, away from downtown.
Myron calls again….and again….
Finally we meet up and head over to get a bit ‘insane in the membrane.’
The club tells us it’s $35/head. Myron talks him down to $25 for all four of us, naturally.
I realize the club has changed it’s name from The Element, which it was when I fronted SubCity, opening for NYC’s the Slackers back in 2008. Great club.
B. Real hits it. For real.
He walks backstage for a split second and emerges back as Dr. Green Thumb with a joint the size of my ring finger.
He lights up.
The whole crowd follows suit.
The 400 person venue gets immediately hotboxed.
The show is unreal.
The jaunt back is completely forgotten. Though I’m positive it was completed with the flawlessness and grace of swans.
B. Real had his shot at this town and he killed it.
But now it’s Noble Thiefs’ turn to turn the heads of this island.
Two days off is more than enough to work up an appetite to go off.
Tonight is the night we take the coast.

Stay tuned to the Uniter for more from The Noble Thiefs as they—along with Mise en Scene—travel across the country in search of new adventures, great music, and memorable people.

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