The city’s cracks and fissures

Photos by Keeley Braunstein-Black

The tourist-friendly vision of Winnipeg is a little more polished than the version many of us encounter daily. Decay of infrastructure is an inevitable part of life, especially in our harsh climate. With the City’s current pause on maintenance, fractures and cracks like these may become slightly more commonplace. Depending on perspective, elements of disrepair could be seen as a negative sign of the times - or they could add character to our urban scene. It all depends on how you see it.

- Anastasia Chipelski

Ice cracks across the surface of a shallow puddle.

This brick wall decorated with fading paint barely hides a pile of refuse.

This wooden pole bears relics of posters past.

Water pools in areas where concrete has fallen apart in this local back lane.

A crack interrupts the solid line of these limestone steps.

A puddle in a local roadway shares a tree's reflection.

Published in Volume 73, Number 24 of The Uniter (April 4, 2019)

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