The ‘Bodies’ Exhibition

  • Ben Miller, University of Manitoba arts student

    I saw it in Vancouver. There was far less controversy there. Nothing in it really disturbed me.

  • Alyssa De Guzman, first-year general studies

    I’m interested in going. I’m not against it in any way – I saw pictures and it looks cool.

  • Alex Winters, education student, focus in English and psychology

    Not sure I want to go. I’m afraid I would vomit.

  • Jonathan Vilness, Bison Books employee

    I moved here a few months ago and don’t have an opinion.

  • Trevor Sinclair, web developer

    I plan to go. It’s too bad there are moral implications for how the bodies were acquired. It’s a good experience for children to see how the body works.

  • Cliff Cowley, unemployed

    Never mind bodies, I want to see preserved spirits. That’s what makes us tick!

Published in Volume 65, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 11, 2010)

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