What’s the best & worst part of being back at school? // What advice do you have for students who are feeling overwhelmed?

  • Becky Marr, Education

    Q1 “The best part is just being on campus. I just love the people and the atmosphere. The worst part is sitting all day being talked at.”

    Q2 “Take time for yourself. It’s okay to take a night off.”

  • Lizzy Marr, Education

    Q1 “I really like being at the university, taking in downtown Winnipeg and the campus environment. I don’t enjoy sitting still for so long.”

    Q2 “One bad mark won’t ruin your life.”

  • Syed Akhtar, Business

    Q1 “I can’t find time to sleep now.
    But my life is on track – I have a better routine than before.”

    Q2 “No one should feel that way at the U of W. The people here are so nice & welcoming.”

  • Sarah Shannon, Human Rights

    Q1 “The worst part is having to take a bunch of intro classes, but the best is knowing that I’m studying something I’m passionate about.”

    Q2 “Don’t overestimate yourself, or you’ll set yourself up for failure.”

  • Bill Jost, Undeclared

    Q1 “The best part is the school environment and the whole experience of attending the university. The worst is the hassle of dealing with student loans.”

    Q2 “Go get something good to eat and find somewhere to relax.”

  • Griffin Jenkins, English

    Q1 “I really like meeting new people, but I could do without waking up early.”

    Q2 “Take time to relax – procrastination can sometimes be a good thing.”

  • Catherine Sinclair, Biology

    Q1 “The worst part is all the money. The best is having a routine again, or at least attempting to.”

    Q2 “Work less. Start watching a new TV show. Shower every day.”

Published in Volume 71, Number 4 of The Uniter (September 29, 2016)

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