Rory Verbrugge

Multi-instrumentalist Rory Verbrugge’s eponymous five song EP is a well performed and warmly recorded slice of folk and bluegrass. Sparse and tasteful arrangements frame contemplative songwriting that’s well versed in the country style of old. His voice, both calm and melancholy, seems born of a place rural and unhurried, far from the street noise, hustle and violence of big city life. His lyrics touch on themes commonplace to the bluegrass genre, be it the danger and damnation of hard liquor Moonshiner’s Heart or Biblical metaphors brought to life in song Call Me Abel. This may be well trod territory but these are still five songs expertly executed that display an artist with a nascent talent for storytelling, ensuring Rory Verbrugge a place on many a Folk Fest stage to come.

Published in Volume 67, Number 26 of The Uniter (May 29, 2013)

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