Re: UWSA elections

I would like to take this opportunity to share my opinion about the winning of the new UWSA President Jason…?

In my opinion, the recent UWSA election had an electoral conundrum placed before the student voters – two candidates with the same name, Jason.

Even though the final count yielded approximately 30 votes between them, I feel that this conundrum could have been served due process if the surnames were placed first. I honestly find it peculiar that I only witnessed one Jason (Robillard) sincerely campaigning, in and out of classrooms, and informing the student body of his genuine intentions. Whereas the other Jason, I was informed anonymously, was backed ‘supposedly’ by the “Science students.” Did you know that Jason R. is a Geography student?

Additionally, I believe that pictures speak volumes and while there were monitors showcasing the candidates, pictures on ballots or in the voting cubicles would have ensured a more accurate representation of the true winner of this election.

In conclusion, I think the study body will be sorely disappointed to see the face of their new UWSA President, Jason S.

In retaliation, I am asking the student body to create a petition to rectify this case of mistaken identity.

– La Donna Ogungbemi-Jackson, University of Winnipeg student, Part-Time/Mature Students’ Centre co-co-ordinator

Published in Volume 63, Number 25 of The Uniter (March 26, 2009)