Re: “The Tory tune out,” Nov. 27 edition

In the article “Conservative convention draws critics from various groups, political movements,” the author mentioned “the mythical Security, Peace & Prosperity (SPP) partnership.” It is apparent that the writer has not done any research on the actual Security & Prosperity Partnership. It was signed by Paul Martin, Vicente Fox and George W. Bush in March 2005 to accelerate the vampirization of this planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants.

About “Prime Minister Harper’s supposed lack of protection of Canadian sovereignty ...” - in keeping with his walking in near lockstep with the Bush administration, he hasn’t called for the rescinsion of this treacherous deep integration deal, nor a referendum on it. It is a corporatist, clandestine and very evil partnership designed to only benefit the elites - and that only for a brief time, as their empire of predation for almost incalculable monetary profit will eventually implode, having the seeds of its own destruction within it.

Meanwhile, those who love openness, justice, peace and liberty will do whatever they can to oppose those who would be our slavemasters.

I missed the “juvenile” (to borrow a term Alex said Darren Penner used to describe the demonstrators) behavior of the Conservative MPs, but Cheryl-Ann Carr said we had not returned their obscene gesture(s) and verbal jibes.

My queries to the Conservative MPs about their Masonic lodge memberships and ranks were ignored.

Angela Bedolfe

– Angela Bedolfe

Published in Volume 63, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 15, 2009)