POSTDATA - Postdata

Under the moniker Postdata, Paul Murphy slows things down and gets a lot more raw and a little more gritty than with Wintersleep. With great honesty and intimacy, Murphy sings songs he’s written both for and about his family, and there’s a vulnerability here that demands to be heard. What the album comes across as, however, is what is said in the ephemeral yet poignant track, Tobias Grey: “a complex series of Post-it notes randomly placed.” Two things the album lacks are length and cohesiveness. It’s not that I necessarily favour quantity over quality, but this record, with just nine songs coming in at under 30 minutes, comes across as incomplete. That being said, the songs here are definitely worth listening to more than once.

Published in Volume 64, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 21, 2010)

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