Police helicopter

  • Charlotte Shivdatt, Assistant manager, Salvation Army

    If there’s a bad crime they can run over top, like in Toronto. It’s good for not just in the city but outside of it too. Winnipeg has the worst crime of anywhere, I think.

  • Gordon Hegland, on pension

    The City of Winnipeg could use one to keep an eye on what’s going on. Calgary has one.

  • Eric Rogers, registered nurse

    Of course. I think it would impose a little bit of fear, especially for auto theft because they always get away.


  • Jill Andrade, third-year, history

    I don’t think so. We’re Winnipeg. It’s not like we’re Vancouver or Toronto. It’s a good waste of my money.

  • Eric Onuk, second-year, business administration and conflict resolution

    No. I think it’s unnecessary because they could use the money to do other, better things.

  • Kaylyn Rheault, first-year, psychiatric nursing

    Do I think they absolutely need it? No. But do I think it would be resourceful and convenient? Yes. I think it would improve the services they provide.

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