Minimum Wage Increase

  • Alma Mann Scott, former healthcare aide on disability

    It’s affected me. If you’re like me, looking for a job, it’s enough to survive. It wouldn’t make me rich, but it’d be a half-decent life. I’d have enough to pay the bills.

  • Chris Beaulieu, currently unemployed former Gas Bar worker

    Doesn’t affect me ‘cause I don’t have a job.

  • Adebanwi Elemeje, first-year general arts student

    No affect. I’m not working. I’m dependent on my husband.

  • Sarah Hansen, Grade 12 student, University of Winnipeg Collegiate

    I have been affected, because I work at minimum wage and don’t work many hours, so it’s pretty significant.

  • Shinna Beaulieu, second-year biology student

    I don’t know how I’ve been affected. I don’t think I have.

  • Jacek Kwiatkowski, self-employed

    I won’t be able to tell much, as I’m a visitor to Manitoba. I applaud actions of the government to help the working poor because you string together a living on minimum wage, at the same time it may hurt job creation.

Published in Volume 65, Number 8 of The Uniter (October 21, 2010)

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