The Better Voter Series: Mayoral candidate spotlight

Getting to know Rav Gill

At 28-years-old, Rav Gill wants to be your mayor and turn Winnipeg into “the next great city.”

“It’s very, very good,” Gill says about Winnipeg’s current mark of greatness. “But it’s not a destination city like Toronto or Montreal.”

A real estate agent and owner of his own property management business, In Towne Properties, Gill is confident he can transfer his approachability, ability to attract business and experience developing areas in the city into a successful stint as mayor.

After travelling around the world and visiting major metropolises across Canada as well as in Europe, Mexico, India and beyond, the home-grown West End Winnipegger is bringing what he experienced back home.

“I’ve seen all the different kinds of downtowns and all the different kinds of rapid transit systems,” he said. “I think that we can still get the best of everything here in Winnipeg.”

I think that we can still get the best of everything here in Winnipeg.

Rav Gill, mayoral candidate

While he loves classic cars (particularly his ’87 Camaro IROC) and basketball, Gill is also passionate about the tight-knit community feel of the city.

“(The people) are very friendly in Winnipeg,” Gill said. “Every time you go out you always see someone that you know.”

Talking about the best kept secrets in the prairie city, he loves the diversity of great dining experiences that the city has to offer, like his personal favourite: the Chinese restaurant Sun Fortune on Pembina Hwy.

“You can get authentic food from all around the whole world here,” he said. “And even if you just want some greasy burgers and fries, we have Johnny G’s.”

Wanting to expand on the best parts of the city, Gill’s goal as mayor would be to change the way Winnipeg sees its future.

“I’m really dedicated to the idea that Winnipeg stops doing things on the cheap and that we think of a long-term plan for the city.”


Published in Volume 65, Number 3 of The Uniter (September 16, 2010)

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