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Interim ministers announced by premier

As ministers Andrew Swan, Steve Ashton and Greg Selinger recently resigned from their current positions to pursue a run at the premier’s job, the empty seats left by these three men needed filling. In order to cover the open posts, Premier Gary Doer gave further duties to Rosann Wowchuk, Ron Lemieux and Nancy Allan, who will all become interim ministers for the positions left open by the candidates.

Bodily Fluids Act to support aid workers

The province is hoping to assist those individuals who put their health at risk when they come into contact with bodily fluids in the performance of their duties.
The province recently announced the Testing of Body Fluids and Disclosure Act. Under the act, paramedics, police or Good Samaritans may request a testing order if the person they helped refuses to submit one.
The source-individual will have 24 hours to submit an objection.

Top restaurants take part in friendly cook-off

Top chefs from around the city gathered at St. Norbert’s Farmers’ Market to take part in a local food cook-off at this year’s market.
“It’s important we showcase what our province has to offer,” Ben Kramer, executive chef with Diversity Food Services at the University of Winnipeg, said in a press release. He said it’s a great way for local restaurants to show what they’re made of.

Exchange District gets its first grocery store

Long known for its high-brow shopping and dining, the Exchange District witnessed the opening of its first grocery store recently. Tropica General Food Supply, located at 333 Garry St., stocks the same goods as an average suburban grocer.
According to the blog Rise and Sprawl, Tropica opened its doors with relatively little fanfare.
Some view this as the beginning of the end of the Exchange District, but others see it as a step toward improving quality of life in the historic district.

Amendment announced for Public Schools Act

The province has announced an amendment for public schools in Manitoba, where the elections of board members at a select few school divisions would be publicized and open to the public.
This would be a suitable way of getting around the ward system, which is unfavourable to schools in small geographic areas. These school boards would be allowed to establish the number of trustees to be voted for.
The amendment will come into effect for the 2010 school board elections.

Published in Volume 64, Number 4 of The Uniter (September 24, 2009)

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