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MPI’s top five frauds revealed

As a way of scaring away potential criminals, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has recently released their annual Top Five Auto Insurance Frauds. The list includes a rollover accident where the occupant lied about his blood alcohol level, a pair of fraudulent thefts and a caregiver allowance for a woman with a child who is no longer in her care. All the frauds were exposed by MPI’s Special Investigations Unit.

SeeClickFix gives power to the people

Sick of getting honked at on your way to campus because your thoroughfare doesn’t have a bike lane? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just go online to get the city to fix it? SeeClickFix.com is the new, simple solution for Winnipeggers who want to draw attention to trouble spots around the city, allowing them to find their location on a map, click it and provide a description of the problem. The website also acts as a petition, since you can see if others in the area have discovered the same problem, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. The city has not yet tied the website in with the existing 311 service, so until that happens, citizens are still encouraged to call the number to finalize their complaint.

You can visit the page at www.seeclickfix.com/can_winnipeg.

Kenora potential new site for ‘net-zero’ homes

On a site that was once a home to pulp and paper industry, a group of Winnipeg companies hope to take a scenic section of Lake of the Woods and build a community of ambitiously “green” homes. According to PegMag.com, developer John Gale and a team of forward-thinking builders hope to create “net-zero homes,” or homes that create as much energy as they consume. Early estimates say that these homes could incorporate methods such as geothermal loops, which could be paid off by homeowners within 18 years.

Tax changes nix small business tax

According to the Government of Manitoba, the small business tax and general corporation capital tax will be phased out in 2010 as part of tax changes. Finance minister Rosann Wowchuk, among others in the provincial government, hopes this will spur the economy in the years ahead. Other tax credits have been extended as well.

For full details, visit www.gov.mb.ca/finance/index.html.

Citizenship education projects earn grant

The Government of Manitoba recently provided 28 school divisions with over $20,000 in grants for their projects to raise awareness on human rights and international processes. According to Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors Minister Jim Rondeau, the grants are very important.

“Whether learning about how government works or the importance of getting involved in their communities, these projects will help students across the province learn to be better citizens,” he said in a release.

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