Jess Reimer, of local bluegrass outfit the Doug and Jess Band, steps out from behind her upright bass and into the spotlight. Her debut album, which includes harmony vocals from Nathan’s Keri Latimer, and guitars from Corb Lund’s Grant Siemens (who also produced the record), is a testament to Reimer’s excellent songwriting ability. The core of the album, what really brings it to life, is Reimer’s husky alto voice paired with Jer Hamm’s harmonies, mandolin and fiddle. There are many gems: the melancholic Spring Columbine, the desirous Sweet Darling & Sorrow, the hopeful Endless Blue and the endlessly catchy Pontiac. All in all it feels like a bluegrass kitchen party.

Pontiac by Jess Reimer

Published in Volume 65, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 4, 2010)

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