It’s about confidence, not compliments

Local lingerie that feels good

March and August’s 2014 collection

Courtesy of March and August

Winter can be a dull season for intimate fashion, especially in Winnipeg. All we see are parkas that leave absolutely everything to the imagination, and layers upon layers of wool that make you wonder why you even bothered buying that lacy push-up bra in the first place.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we might finally feel like we have a reason to pick up something nice. If you choose to shop at a chain store, you may only find two style options: the naughty schoolgirl and the salacious dominatrix. Sure, these are fun, but is it necessary to bring out your inner bad girl in order to feel sexy? 

Lingerie is for the person wearing it. It’s all about the confidence it provides. Sure, you might find this at a major retailer, but it doesn’t seem like they care about the individuality of
every woman.

Local lingerie stores are an alternative worth considering. There are several lingerie boutiques in Winnipeg that promote healthy body image and offer a range of sizes and styles for every type of woman. 

Gravity Lingerie carries a wide selection of products, including a little something for men. The MyPakage collection, with its advanced fabric technology (AKA softest material ever), offers an assortment of men’s underwear that provides maximum comfort.

Gravity has only been open since June 2014, and so their inventory is only getting better. They’ve recently brought in a new line called Commando that’s designed for flattering and comfortable everyday wear. For women’s lingerie, this store is worth a visit.

Another great lingerie hotspot is Diva Lingerie, a place that does everything to make shoppers as confident and comfortable as possible. They offer the assurance: “No matter what your size, age, or shape, we will find your perfect fit,” which is exactly what wearers want to hear. 

March & August Underthings hand makes all of their products to fit a variety of body types. Its motto is, “Love the body you have.” Twenty-seven-year-old Alesha Frederickson, creator of March & August, goes out of her way to promote healthy body image. 

“If we’re constantly told that we have to cinch this, hold that, or squeeze into something, it is a constant reminder of how we aren’t good enough the way we are,” Frederickson says. “M&A believes that wearing something comfortable yet thoughtfully made is a great way in learning to appreciate and highlight our beautifully complex bodies.” 

Their winter line Glacier (it’s hotter than it sounds), draws you in with playful blue tones and a selection of sensible yet sexy bralettes and vintage-style high-waisted undies. 

Lingerie can be a way to improve the way we look at ourselves, and a means of appreciating our unique bodies. Perhaps we should consider shopping at places that understand and exemplify these values.

Published in Volume 69, Number 18 of The Uniter (January 28, 2015)

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