Is the Conservative Party of Canada changing the country’s national character?

  • Andri Shchudlo, fourth-year student, politics

    Yes, I think that the Conservative government represents a minority of Canadians which goes against the broadly socially progressive and liberal inclination of the Canadian majority.

  • John Mcleod Arnould, fourth-year student, politics

    The Conservative party is only one small influence on Canadian culture.

  • Lana Belton, student, business

    Yes, they are more of an extension of change. It is not so much that they are changing the country. The image of Canada is being branded by the Conservative ideals.

  • Robert Galston, third-year students, politics and geography

    No, I think shifts in demographics such as an aging baby boomer population is shifting towards issues that are the Conservative Party’s traditional strong points such as law and order.

  • Taylor Burgess, Soma employee

    Based on the actions of individual Conservative MPs, it seems that they are caring less about French people and the French culture and are trying to phase it out.

  • Paul Burbank, fifth-year student, politics

    Certainly. Harper’s political adroitness has crippled the Liberals, split the opposition and ushered in what many suspect will be a period of Conservative majority dominance.

Published in Volume 66, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 17, 2011)

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