Don Amero - Deepening

I’m torn. It’s hard to hate the soft, smooth voice of Don Amero, but it’s also kinda hard to love it. I think the problems stem from the inconsistencies of this 16 track acoustic-pop album. While in some tracks, like Life and My Lovely, Amero’s voice sounds stiff and non-expressive, others like This Old Road reveal a much stronger and edgier vocal sound. Another inconsistency lies in his songwriting. While some lyrics like those of Fine Line are quite sophisticated, others are full of clichés. You can’t tell me you haven’t heard phrases like, “I love the way you love me” or “You are my everything” in at least 50 other songs. Overall, this album didn’t have the “Wow” factor I hoped it would, but I suppose if you are up for some mellow tunes it wouldn’t hurt to give it a listen.

I’m Just Me by Don Amero

Published in Volume 63, Number 26 of The Uniter (April 2, 2009)

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