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Manitoba government to review taxes

The Progressive Conservative government announced they are reviewing the provincial taxes to make Manitoba more competitive. The government is planning to review the tax rate and report back to the public before the spring budget.

Police-free schools

Fadi Ennab, who teaches urban and inner-city studies at the University of Winnipeg, recently published a paper called “Safer Schools Without Policing Indigenous and Black Lives in Winnipeg.” The report is available for free on the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives website.

Voting at a glance

Senior journalism students at RRC Polytech created Winnipeg Better, comprehensive voting guide for the 2022 municipal election. Six students interviewed mayoral candidates on key election issues. Interested voters can visit to learn how each candidate plans to address houselessness, crime prevention, transit, the police budget, roads and active transportation in the city.

One Basin One Governance

Due to the toxicity of its blue-green algae blooms, Lake Winnipeg is the most eutrophic lake in the world. In September 2019, First Nation leaders held the “One Basin One Governance” conference with provincial and federal governments to discuss issues relating to water governance and protection of the Lake Winnipeg basin area. In October 2022, the Red River Basin Commission and the Southern Chiefs’ Organization released a report calling on the Canadian government to partner with Indigenous leaders to better handle water usage and resource management.

Métis National Heritage centre coming to downtown Winnipeg

In May 2020, the Manitoba Métis Federation secured a deal with the Bank of Montreal to build a heritage centre in downtown Winnipeg. MMF received more than $33 million in provincial and federal funding to reconstruct the BMO building in the southeast corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street. The Métis National Heritage Centre will “showcase Métis history with workshops, artifacts and photo exhibits, along with traditional and contemporary arts,” Dan Vandal, the federal northern affairs minister, says.

Published in Volume 77, Number 06 of The Uniter (October 20, 2022)

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