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Attention winter wait listers!

If you are on a wait list for a Winter Term course, you are being advised to check your email account for notifications on seat openings. Until Thursday, Dec. 17, the wait list processing program will be run every Monday and Thursday morning to identify open seats. These days are the best times to see if you have an available spot. Once notified you have 72 hours to claim your reserved seat. If you do not respond you will be dropped off the wait list. So don’t hesitate to check your account.

Qualitative research group available

The Qualitative Research Group at the University of Manitoba focuses on interdisciplinary collaborations between U of M faculty and local and international research communities. If you are a student who conducts focus groups, manages open-ended interviews, uses historical documents or actively contacts a data-collecting site, then you are welcome to join. The goal of the group is to assist students engaged in qualitative and mixed-method research around the world. Close to 100 participants from varied disciplines help to build the resources, with monthly emails announcing conferences, findings and discussions. To receive the monthly email newsletter, email Kerstin at [email protected].

Gallery 1C03 hosts wind coil sound flow

Ken Gregory’s exhibition wind coil sound flow will be on display in Gallery 1C03 for the month of October. Described as an “acoustic electromechanical system,” the exhibition aims to find out what the wind would say if it could speak to us. Translating wind vibrations into harmonic frequencies, the display is based on the principles of the Aeolian harp.

Gregory’s interest in human interaction with technology led him to a five-year study of kites with a view to creating wind instruments.

For more on Gregory’s work visit

U of M jazz student wins national award

Luke Sellick, 19, won the Oscar Peterson Grant for Jazz Performance worth $10,000. The award is given to one Canadian jazz student every year by the Hnatyshyn Foundation. The bassist said he was up against stiff competition and was surprised he won.

“The judges are listening blindfolded basically. They’re just listening for quality and for a bass player to win, jeez ... He’s competing against pianists, drummers, saxophonists, all these melodic instruments that get your attention first. So for a bass player to win, that says something huge,” said Steve Kirby, Sellick’s instructor and the director of the Jazz Studies Program.

A student from the two-year-old program won this award last year, too.

Reappointment of CFS Local 8 representative

University of Winnipeg Students’ Association former president Vinay Iyer was removed from his position as liaison director for the Canadian Federation of Students Local 8. The motion was passed at the UWSA board meeting held on Monday, Sept. 28. Iyer was not in attendance.

Iyer failed to fulfill his duties as liaison director as outlined in the UWSA bylaws. According to the UWSA board meeting minutes, Iyer’s attendance at UWSA board meetings was infrequent and he did not attend any CFS provincial meetings.

Published in Volume 64, Number 6 of The Uniter (October 8, 2009)

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