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Bike Winnipeg to spark discussions at its fundraiser

Scott A. Ford

Bike Winnipeg is throwing a fundraiser to help Winnipeg cycling initiatives get going on the right path. 

The fundraiser – Oct. 9 at the West End Cultural Centre – will have live music from Slow Leaves and Dirty Catfish Brass Band, along with many opportunities to have conversations about cycling. 

“All through the night, attendees will have the chance to look over the work we’ve been doing on their behalf to make it easier for people to bike in Winnipeg,” Bike Winnipeg executive director Mark Cohoe says. 

He is looking forward to the evening, as the night gives everyone a chance to see the cycling projects Bike Winnipeg has been advocating for from the city. 

“We will be displaying project information and our recommendations so that people can ask questions and provide feedback for us,” Cohoe says. 

In working with a board of directors, Cohoe and his team look for ways to make cycling easier and safer by advocating for better cycling programming and routes to be implemented throughout the city. 

“We are here promoting the ability of people to get to their destinations by bike,” Cohoe says. “Since we immersed in the latest reports and practices with bike networking, we are often able to bring forward examples from other cities that can be applied right here in Winnipeg.” 

At its fundraiser, Bike Winnipeg will be displaying its latest project info for ventures like protected bike lanes downtown, a separated off-road pathway along McPhillips Street and a plan for the Arlington Bridge as of 2020. 

For Matthew Adair, a bike courier with Natural Cycle, new biking routes are beneficial for his day to day routine. 

“The Arlington lanes and replacement of the bridge could be the best way to connect Wolseley with the North End,” Adair says. “As a cyclist, I know we would be very happy to put that road to better and safer use.” 

Adair, who bikes about 60 to 90 kilometres a day, uses exclusively public roads and bike paths and sees the issues of failing infrastructure first hand. He says the new initiatives Bike Winnipeg are supporting would definitely be heading in the right direction. 

Along with the presentation of plans, the fundraiser will offer a buffet of biking equipment via a raffle. Expect to see items from Winnipeg Folk Festival, Brave New World, Insterstellar Rodeo, Jazz Winnipeg and a multitude of bike shops. 

The night allows for cyclists and non-cyclists alike to talk about making the city more accessible to varying forms of transportation. 

“The more people who go out to voice their support for better bike and pedestrian facilities, the more likely it is that they will get included in the final designs,” Cohoe says. “We’ve had a good response so far, but we really need to keep that momentum going, and it would be great if we would grow the movement.”

Published in Volume 70, Number 5 of The Uniter (October 8, 2015)

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