• Sarah Ricard, Grade 12 student

    My grandma’s apartment got infested by bedbugs.

  • Kaitlyn Ruffle, Grade 12 student

    I haven’t had any problems.

  • Haven Stum, Aboriginal occupational trainer

    I haven’t, but I have a relative who lives in a housing project who did. It never goes away, (the bedbugs) just change floors.

  • Gary Flater, caretaker at Norwood Community Centre

    I know several people, their apartments got infested by bedbugs.

  • Mohammed Siraj, accounting student

    I just moved from Toronto, so I’ve had no problems.

  • Isaiah Klassen, Gift shop employee

    I knew someone when I lived in Phoenix who had to throw out all his furniture (from the bedbugs).

Published in Volume 65, Number 2 of The Uniter (September 9, 2010)

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